"This is music that can stick in your head, which is the key to rock music that lasts."
Buzzard Tracks 06/26/15

"Fever Will surely get the adrenaline pumping through your veins, leaving you wanting more. Ottawa certainly has the potential to make it big."
FDRMX.com 03/20/15

"Fever...sizzles thanks to the band's classic rock grit and singer Dale DeLong's red-hot vocals."
Cellar Door Cleveland 03/18/15  

"There's a certain maturity that comes across in the tunes."
Cleveland Scene Magazine 02/18/15

"With Random Lights, Ottawa shows that they are far from beginners and can hold their own next to big-time bands with their passion and talent."
BuzzArtist 01/19/15

"With talent and confidence to spare, Ottawa's first EP ranks among the best debut records of 2014. This album's huge, arena-ready songs are a statement of purpose from a Cleveland band with every intention of conquering the mainstream"
Case Observer 01/10/15

"Ottawa showcases an ability to crank out bouncy pop-rock tunes with the infectious title track as well as “Tempo,” displaying shades of Portugal. The Man in their sound."
Erie Reader 12/10/14

"Every now and then a band is born with the creative potential to thrive and succeed in the music industry. In just 31 minutes, Ottawa’s Random Lights proves that this band is just getting started on their path to success. Ottawa is certainly a random light that shines ever so brightly among all the others."
Midwest Action 12/09/14

"The smooth guitar intro, noticeable guitar riffs, honest lyrics, and unique vocals are all strung together in a way that creates a song like no other...Besides the fact that the band sounded amazing live the entire time, the crowd was dancing with such contagious energy that it was impossible not to catch their enthusiasm over the band’s music."

Kryptonite Music Magazine 12/06/14

 "The Good Kind" has a bit of Black Keys-inspired garage blues and a real swagger to it as its beefy bass riff propels the track."

Scene Magazine's Band of the Week 12/03/14

"DeLong and his bandmates have developed a brand of garage pop that merges elements of indie-rock, blues and new wave that's quite melodic and hypnotizing."

Cleveland.com 04/21/14

"The best performance of the night came courtesy of garage pop act Ottawa. The combination of lead-singer Dale DeLong's enticing voice and guitarist Will Hooper's blistering guitar work made for quite a show as fans piled in the tavern to see the five-piece "
Cleveland.com 03/15/14